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UHMWPE plate as the outstanding results buffer material which

Article source:Popularity:Publication time:2014-12-28 20:50:46

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate is relatively strong impact resistance, and its surface is smooth, the friction coefficient is relatively low, and has a good wear resistance, is mainly used for cushioning materials such as the buffer above the bed cushion panel has great advantages .
    1. The effective protection of the conveyor belt, saving resources.
    2. Ensure that the contact surface and the surface of the conveyor belt, even by force, effectively preventing breakage due idlers, belt loss caused by longitudinal tear, while significantly reducing the belt longitudinal tear after being sharp or sharp penetrating materials probability.
    3. UHMWPE sheet can effectively reduce the vibration blanking points.
    The UHMWPE sheet used as a buffer plate greatly reduces the impact beds routine repair and maintenance costs.
    5. The smooth surface UHMWPE sheet such that the friction conveyor running minimum.
    UHMWPE plate as a prominent effect is the main buffer material, we must rational use of it, so its performance is fully displayed, resulting in better functional benefits.


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