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PE sheet outstanding performance in wastewater treatment

Article source:Popularity:Publication time:2015-1-4 20:51:43

PE sheet made of raw materials, raw materials are inert molecules, poor mobility of raw materials, which is how to bring the manufacture of a little trouble, so I chose PE sheet manufacturing raw materials is very important. To change the raw material die poor mobility difficulties caused by gaseous matter the issue of increased raw material selection to choose when adding some lubricant materials, lubricant selection mainly stearic acid and salts. Thus produced PE sheet material uniformity, no air bubbles. Mainly reflects the wastewater applications:
     PE sheet excellent performance at the sewage treatment plant sludge scraper, mud pump impeller, screw conveyor liner, shaft sleeve, clarifying device gear and settling ponds on water treatment works are widely used liner, etc., for us products are interested can come into our official telephone consultation.