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Demonstrated outstanding structural properties of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet

Article source:Popularity:Publication time:2015-3-11 20:53:11

UHMWPE sheet is a molecular compound, its ultra-high performance to believe more than that, we are also very clear that it is a very good overall performance of the new plastic, so it has gradually been widely used and some efficient catalysts UHMWPE sheet will produce a certain effect, today we do the next details: outstanding structural performance UHMWPE sheet primarily through the efficient catalytic polymerization obtained with a scanning electron microscope the form efficient catalysts and nascent polyethylene. TEM-spun polyethylene powder, found supramolecular fibrillar MAO Sui of the texture of the edge, with a polarization microscope of a different molecular weight polyethylene powder and cooling the melt crystallization process, the resulting spherulites with increasing molecular weight increases. Finally got our quality UHMWPE sheet, its ultra-high performance is to get millions of users authenticated, we will continue to improve product performance, to make it more perfect.