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Coal bunker liner fixed three easy way

Article source:Popularity:Publication time:2014-6-5 20:57:08

Generally when installing coal bin liner, the liner longest side mounted vertically, if the plate is thin (less than 20 mm) vertical edges may overlap. For thicker liner, Edge should be cut at 45 degrees. Thus, the allowable length changes, and the formation of a smooth plastic flat in the silo, is conducive to the flow of material. Along the flow direction of the side plate material laying, butt fully meet the requirements. Here we introduce a fixed three coal bin liner easy way to use.
    1. with lock (lock) dedicated countersunk head steel bolt and nut.
    2. Impact screw with washers, screws threaded into the impact of steel, which eliminates the need for nuts. In both cases above, are required to spend a lot of drill work, it means an increase in labor costs and tool wear costs, high installation costs.
    3. Fixed liner more convenient way, in silos and steel chute on with threaded stud welding. In order to ensure quality and prevent the effects of weld welding production of high temperature on plastic plates, using ceramic ring shielded arc welding atmosphere, concentrated arc weldment is slowly cooled down and formed a neat standard weld. Since the expansion coefficient of the liner is 2 × 10-4 / ℃, in the case of a larger operating or ambient temperature changes, the fixed form liner must consider its free expansion or contraction. Any kind of fixation methods, the design should take into account the beneficial flow of bulk materials, and the screw head is always buried within the parent liner.