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pe sheet can be extended outdoor life

Article source:Popularity:Publication time:2015-1-19 20:58:24

PE sheet PE sheet are two high-pressure and low-pressure PE sheet, by the addition of anti-UV agents can improve aging resistance, to extend the outdoor life. With high toughness, tensile strength, abrasion resistance and other characteristics. In chemicals, clothing, packaging, electronics, food and other fields has been widely used, widely used to make ice stadium hoardings and coal mining area dump trucks and earth-moving vehicles inside the car plate panels .PE board is PE (polyethylene) with good chemical stability, can resist most of acids, alkalis, organic solvents and water erosion. electrical insulation, easy to weld. HDPE divided by the thickness of the plate (high-density polyethylene sheet) and LDPE plate (low-density polyethylene vinyl plate): HDPE plate has good heat resistance and cold resistance, but also has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength .LDPE plate density of 0.916 ~ 0.930g / cm3, with the more flexible.