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UHMWPE sheet is superior performance engineering plastics it?

Article source:Popularity:Publication time:2014-11-11 21:01:25

    UHMWPE board is a superior performance of engineering plastics, their characteristics superior to other kinds of plastic products, plastic products, plastic king, such as high wear plates, impact resistance, low friction coefficient, good The self-lubricating properties, excellent resistance to temperature, chemical resistant, non-toxic, flavors and other performance unmatched by other plastics. A very low coefficient of friction; UHMWPE plate superior self-lubricating properties, very wearable, and low coefficient of friction, is an ideal lining, bearings, gear materials, such as coal bin liner, bin liner, unloading hopper, chute linings, cabin liners, bearings, gears, rails, etc.
    Using high molecular weight polyethylene plate as the friction member device, in addition to improved wear life, it can also receive the energy-saving effect. Very low water absorption; UHMWPE plate very low water absorption, it is almost non-absorbent, water absorption is almost zero, no expansion in the water, much less absorbent than nylon. Electrical properties; ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene in a wide temperature range, has very excellent electrical properties, its volume resistivity of 10-18 th, the breakdown voltage of 50KV / mm, a dielectric constant of 2.3. Over a wide temperature and frequency range, its electrical properties change little. In the heat temperature range, it is suitable for use as structural materials in electrical engineering and mill material. Gomi toxic nature; UHMWPE tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive itself, through physiological and physiological adaptation, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to allow it to for contact with food and medicine applications.
    Features more than enough to lay in the application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet value engineering plastics industry, other engineering plastics can not be compared.